Monday, February 16, 2009

Communication issues and problems in Nigeria(2)

Hello again

It is my intention to continue with the problems of communication in Nigeria. Let’s leave the issue of Nicomsat alone for it should be consigned to history.

I simply cannot comprehend why a country that cannot boast of six hours of constant electricity and 70% of graduate unemployment, 65% of population below poverty line, etc etc, should be spending such huge sums of money simply on waste, just for the sake of some egoistic impression that Nigeria has joined the league of space science nations. I think that we should be re-examining the mental state of some of our decision makers.

The other day the MD of Nicomsat announced that they have invented a web based access control. Hmmmmmmmm. Did you say “invented”? Well a friend of mine told me that the so called announced technology is a 1980 technology.
But come to think of it what concerns a satellite development or “inventing” company with a web based access control? Or is it a case of cheap publicity as Bayero Agabi has been given them at AIT?

Today we are beset with myriads of problems in the telecoms sector. It is rather unfortunate that most of these shameful issues are being politicized and being analyzed by self appointed armchair telecoms consultants and analyst who at best are half-baked experts in telecommunication issues, technology and regulation.

The basic fact remains unchanged.

They are:
1. The operators are all characterized by poor services
2. The tariff is high
3. There is no known distinction between a carrier operator and a last mile service provider, hence the landscape is constantly being defaced, fibers are constantly being cut and service disruption are a daily occurrence
4. The regulator is not effectively regulating these inadequacies

These issues require no technical depth as they are daily observable issues by all. Hence the minister was aptly right in her last speech on these matters. Those who are accusing her that she should look before leaping are simply the quacks and self appointed experts whose only concern is there self preservation and interest, as it is usually the case on Nigeria, hence they have risen in defense of the operators with nonsensical excuses which at best suits there fancy but impresses no one. Come aside! How do you justify an operator that is operating switches at 95% CPU load capacity?
What have they proffered as solution beyond the usual sing song? CAPEX and OPEX are high in Nigeria because of power problems and vandalization and hence government should provide security and restore power supply.
If there argument of high operating cost bla bla bla is true then why the huge profit being declared every year? You guess the answer.

NCC need to wake up and do what should be done.

Come to think of NCC and Earnest Ndukwe, I disagree with the barrage of criticism that has trial the man Ndukwe as this criticisms hinges on His integrity. I cannot see how he is colluding with the operators. If he did not mess up the licensing with personal gain why would I now agree that he is messing up the operation for personal gain? The logic does not flow at all neither those it flow from his persona, and so his critics should concentrate on some other issues please.
It might as well be that the Man is trying to balance the delicate balance between continue inflow of investment into the sector and the idea of strict adherence to quality. Or simply that he does not have enough technical experts around him to do the right thing because this issue of effective supervision and control obviously demands for knowledge on the part of the supervisor. Whatever his problems may be I do not agree that he has been compromised by the operators.

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